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Technical protection, fire protection and gas systems

We offer the implementation of the whole project from conceptual design, project engineering, delivery and installation of equipment, regular maintenance and service of embedded systems, consulting and informing partners in the field of technical security systems.

Alarm systems

It is recommendable to have an intrusion system on private facilities and especially on all public facilities. With having many years of rich experience and highly qualified personnel, we can provide customers with a high-quality and quick installation of intrusion security system. We provide customers with the implementation of the entire project including project engineering, delivery and installation and of systems as well as their maintenance.

We use state-of the art equipment of internationally recognized manufacturers that ensure quality operation of the system. Our solutions and systems are used by banks, exchange offices, goldsmith shops, business and residential facilities and ministries.

Video surveillance systems

Video surveillance systems are used to control the exterior and the interior of the protected facility. Video surveillance is mainly used to control parking spaces and main entrances to the building. They can also be used to monitor workplace operations and movement of people and goods. Events can be recorded and archived, which can serve as evidence in certain situations.

Systems act as standalone solutions to identified needs and as a supplement to intrusion safety. We satisfy our customers with a high-quality equipment, professional conceptual solution and fast and quality implementation. All that brings a reliable and high-quality video surveillance system to the user.

Our solutions and systems have been integrated into many public institutions, government facilities, banks, industrial and private facilities.

video nadzorni sistemi
Access control

Access control systems restrict the movement of persons in the secured facility. By storing all the data, it is possible to know exactly where the particular person has moved.

System of time attendance can control employee arrivals and departures from working premises, which is a reliable basis for calculating the working hours and gives us full control over the presence at the workplace.

As part of the program, we provide quality and reliable equipment and services. We are engaged from the idea to the final solution and implementation of modern and technologically advanced access control and time attendance systems.

kontrola pristopa
Centralized control systems

Due to the obvious need for greater and faster information flow, centralized technical security systems, demand for greater security and consequently limiting the economic damage, centralized control systems are often part of facility security solution.

Systems enable control of intrusion and fire protection systems as well as access control, video surveillance or other systems. In combination with the appropriate control software and through test signals every few seconds, they allow continuous control of facility fire and intrusion protection, immediate reception of alarm signals and determination of the alarm location using a graphic display. In the event of primary communication failure, an additional security line is enabled through a mobile wireless connection.

centralno nadzorni sistem centralno nadzorni sistem
Fire protection

Iskra is one of the leading providers of fire protection solutions. Our systems are used in many business, industrial and commercial facilities, shopping centres, banking establishments and public institutions. Automatic fire detection and alarm systems are designed for early detection and notification of all types of initial fire. Modern systems are completely addressable, enabling precise location identification and description of the event that occurred in the initial facility. Automatic systems have manual buttons and sirens to ensure that evacuation of people from the facility is carried out fast enough. In areas with no permanent presence of persons, it is also possible to execute automatic extinguishing.

Using the state-of the art equipment of internationally recognized manufacturers, we design and implement systems for automatic detection and notification of fire, gas leakage warning and automatic extinguishing. These systems are nowadays being installed in most public and business buildings.

Gas leakage detection systems

Its sensor detects an increased presence of carbon monoxide, which makes it one of the most advanced detectors in the world. It detects high carbon monoxide (CO) concentration in the room where it is installed.

The detector is very easy to use and install and it has a long service life, therefore it is reliable, stable and precise, especially when detecting CO.

It is designed for protection against increased CO levels in the houses and apartments.

It can be used wherever burning of solid, liquid or gaseous substances containing carbon is present.


We offer innovative products designed to safely extinguish small fires.

  • Fire extinguishing spray for safe extinction
    Fire extinguishing gel spray ISKRA FireEx 600 is an effective extinguishing media used to extinguish initial fires at home, in a vehicle or on a holiday. It is designed for repeated use. After its use, it is easily cleaned with running water, it is biodegradable and completely safe for people and animals. Spray range is up to 5 meters.
    It can be used to extinguish in 4 classes of fire extinguishers (A, B, C, F): A-Substances: wood, paper, rubber, plastics, polyamide glowing substances.
B-Flammable liquids: petroleum, gasoline, machine oil.
C-Flammable gases: butane, propane, methane, acetylene.
F-Fats: cooking oil, fats in the kitchen.
    Fire extinguishing gel spray has a 3 year warranty on operation.