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Facility management and maintenance

Maintenance of business, multi-dwelling facilities and apartments includes beside the regular management also maintenance and complete renovation where necessary. Iskra has developed its own energy control and management system that allows us to have low operating costs of energy products.

Access to the management user accounts: https://iiportal.si/login

Facility management

Real estate management is mainly related to the management of business and residential buildings and neighbourhoods. It refers to taking care for all the parts, rooms and equipment in the building that are owned by all the owners. This enables smooth operation, employee work and residing. We manage correctly and transparently. We understand that we are in the position of the real estate owners.


In Iskra, we employ housekeepers who have been with us for many years. We mainly carry out the following works:

  • We maintain facility common areas and equipment in a faultless and orderly state,
  • We maintain a fuel unit,
  • We inspect supply units,
  • We take care of electrical installation and other minor technical works and
  • At the same time, we ensure timely service carried out by our subcontractors.

Our housekeepers can be reached via the emergency service 24/7 every day of the year. Usually, the same housekeeper takes care of the particular facility. Through the years, we get to know the objects very well and we can help quickly and efficiently.

Electrical services

Iskra employs electricians that are highly qualified for electrical installation work. We mainly carry out the following electrical works:

  • We execute and maintain electrical installations,
  • We construct, maintain and repair network installations (e.g. for computers, for business buildings)
  • We maintain all electromechanical devices in facilities,
  • We carry out, maintain and perform regular inspections of the lightning installation execution and construction.

Construction craft works

Iskra provides services of minor craft works. We carry out the following works:

  • Facility extension/reconstruction,
  • Facility remodelling,
  • Painting works and
  • Installation of tiles.

Maintenance and inspection of lightning conductors

In order to protect against the impact of lightning, that can cause material damage to facilities and can be dangerous for people, Iskra has experts that carry out regular and extraordinary inspections, management tests and measurements of lightning installations.

Mechanical installations

Our professionally trained mechanical installers and maintainers are responsible for executing new mechanical installations and for installing mechanical equipment. We mainly carry out the following works:

  • We execute and maintain plumbing installations,
  • We clean and unclog drains using a camera and a high pressure cleaner,
  • We maintain heating stations,
  • We carry out, maintain and perform repairs of new installations for central heating,
  • We also provide locksmithing services.

Utility services

In the field of utility services, Iskra provides complete service of maintenance of outdoor areas. We provide the following services:

  • Gardening services
    We provide a complete service that includes planting and maintenance of lawn, shrubs and trees.
  • Winter services
    In winter, we offer preventive gritting of parking lots, roads, and pedestrian paths. We also offer ploughing and snow removal.
  • Road repair
    We offer minor road repairs and assistance with damaged roads and potholes.
  • Construction craft works
    We offer minor painting work and dust protection.