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Thermal energy

The Thermal energy program is your partner in the field of energy supply and optimization of its consumption. We offer you complete consulting services for optimal energy consumption. We prepare an analysis of the existing situation, we propose a solution and implement it in cooperation with our expert associates.  With the energy management program, we enable you to directly monitor and manage energy at the given moment.

Boiler rooms and other power plants

  • Planning and implementation
    Renovation process is carried out based on an analysis of the existing state of the boiler room, a proposal for renovation with the financial evaluation of the investment and savings and with boiler room refurbishment.
  • Supply
    Today’s technology allows us simultaneous production of heat and electricity production thanks to the process called cogeneration or combined production of heat and power.
  • Maintenance
    By regular maintenance and regular inspections of boiler rooms, we can anticipate failures or reduce maintenance costs.

Heat supply

We supply heat for heating industrial and business premises. We also supply technological water for industrial processes from our own water well.

Coldness supply

We supply coldness for cooling industrial and business premises.


Measurements an analyses of the operation of compressor stations.

Effective energy management = energy management system

With our own energy management product, we manage energy products, optimize their consumption and monitor them 24/7 via monitoring system.